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 Most Common Aquarium

50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium
36 x 15 x 20



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RedSea Max
All in One Glass Aquarium
5 Models
75 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium
48 x 18 x 20

Fluval Profile Aquarium
All in One Glass Aquariums
150 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium
72 x 24 x 20

Fluval Vicenza 260 Limited Edition
All in One Glass Aquariums
26 Gallon Flat Back Hex Aquarium
36 x 12 x 16

Venezia Corner Bowfront
All in One Glass Aquariums

Acrylic Aquariums Direct goal is to make the costumers Aquarium purchase as simple and easy as possible. When purchasing a fish tank it can be very hard to figure out which aquarium will work best for you and in the space needed which is why we list the sizes of our acrylic aquariums with the product. Whats the difference between a Glass aquarium and an Acrylic Aquarium? Acrylic Aquariums are 17x stronger than Glass Aquariums. Our acrylic tanks are softer and more flexable than glass tanks so they are far more impact resistant and are less likely to chip or crack. Our Acrylic Aquariums also have a LIFETIME LEAK FREE WARRANTY. Unlike Glass Aquariums which have a sealant used on the corners to hold the glass together which over time will corrode  the acrylic aquarium is chemically bonded so it fits together naturally with no seams or bonding agents visible giving Acrylic Aquariums there beautiful seamless viewing areas.

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