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Eheim Professionel IIIe 2078 Aquarium Canister Filter

Price: $429.99
Item Number: 57120220
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Eheim Professionel IIIe  2078 Aquarium Canister Filter
Max tank size: 185gal
GPH: 495
Media Trays: 4
Volume: 8.6L
Head Height: 8.5"
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 21"

This latest Eheim design incorporates all the great features, Lock Clamps, Self Primer, Shut-off Valves for hoses, multiple Media Baskets, plus an exciting new electronic Touch Pad Control system that offers the following options:

* Output Flow Control, 6 adjustable levels and 1 MAX flow setting
* Constant Flow Rate, when set at one of the 6 adjustable levels, the electronic controls monitor the flow rate and adjust the output to maintain a constant flow rate.
* Bio Stream function, will alternate two different flow levels for wave function providing a more natural environment
* 12 hour Bio function, will alternate two different flow rates in 12 hour cycles. For Planted Aquariums, we recommend having a higher flow rate at night to help oxygenate the water.
* Service Indicator will monitor the cleaning cycle and indicate the time remaining until the next cleaning.
* Auto Air Out, electronic program will eliminate any air that accumulates under the motor head
* Electronic error management indicates any irregularities and attempts to rectify the problem.

Also new is a top layer prefilter to mechanically clean the water and lengthen cleaning cycles for the Ehfimech and Ehfisubstrat media. Media is not included with filter.

Media Package includes 1 coarse pad and 4 fine filter pads made specifically for the 2076 and 2078 Eheim 3e filters. Additional filter media is needed.

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